Self inspired visual artist Destry Rose inspiration began in nature. Capturing stimulating expressions of harmonious detail through her camera lens. Raised in the south central midwest of the heartland and born off the beaten path of hiking trails, admiring plants and soaking in the sun ray filled horizon sky. Destry's keen eye was dialed in from stacks of Family Albums and endless supplies of National Geographics that spanned decades on her mother's library shelves. 


In the spring of 2016 during a Golden Hour sunset. Placed in the middle of the cemetery of Kansas Destry embarked on what would begin her life's work. What started as a visual stimulating collection of vintage cameras became her tool of trade. For the previous time she had only used disposable & digital cameras. In the late day hours in the cemetery her creative passion was born and film photography has encapsulated Destry ever since. Immediately after she sold her digital camera and her true passion of artistic film photography began. Study of light, nature and multiple exposures became Destry's vocabulary context used on a daily basis from then on. 


During a summer drive through the Gypsum Hills of Medicine Lodge a final vision in her decision process to turn a hobby into a priority began. Days of social times spent inside a gated patio with a cold beverage in hand were exchanged for sounds of the wilderness that surrounded and painted the lighted sky both day and night. 


-words by John Rowdy


Behind The Lens

I D A   M E A D O W

Ida after my great-grandmother Ida-Mae.

Ida originating from Idalia meaning

"Behold the Sun."

Meadow to represent my wildflower soul.

Nature being the root of my inspiration.



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